the Art of Advocacy

Free webinar series for professional advocates

The Art of Advocacy© is a free four-part webinar series designed to support professionals working at all levels in government relations, public affairs, strategic communications, regulatory affairs, patient advocacy and public policy.

The tools and frameworks shared in this webinar series can help guide your strategic planning process and aid you in identifying and approaching the right partners to get your message out. We give you practical tools and examples on how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your policy solution and how to plan an integrated campaign to advance your policy issue. We also feature conversations with public affairs and patient advocacy leaders practicing the art of advocacy every day to advance health care change in nonprofit and corporate roles.


Maximizing Your Impact


Break through the noise and achieve your policy goals, once and for all! In this lesson, leaders from CURA share their proven approach to building results-driven communications campaigns.

Duration: 58 minutes

Moderator: Casey Dillon

Speakers: Anne Woodbury, Scott Leezer

Choosing Your Battles


Every organization likely has multiple policy priorities. CURA Strategies created a framework—the Issue Prioritization Rubric©—to help clients determine which priorities to focus on and identify the the challenges and opportunities they may encounter.

In this course, the CURA team walks you through the framework and demonstrates how it was used successfully to advocate for Medicare coverage for opioid treatment programs and direct more than $35 million in federal research funding for cardiomyopathy. Additionally, we interviewed Natalie Tietjen from The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to learn how the organization sets its annual policy priorities. Visit our Resources page to learn more about the rubric.

Duration: 57 minutes

Moderator: Anna Easterbrooks

Speakers: Natalie Tietjen, Anne Woodbury, Casey Dillon, Scott Leezer

Thought Leadership is Dead


Take your organization further by asking big questions and building a community of people committed to finding the answer. That’s the heart of what CURA calls thought partnership. Watch this video lesson to learn how to approach thought partnership authentically. The lesson includes a conversation with Chris Porter, Vice President of Government Affairs and Policy for Travere Therapeutics and Lauren Lee, who was working with NephCure International during the recording of this lesson.

Duration: 55 minutes

Moderator: Scott Leezer

Speakers: Lauren Lee, Chris Porter, Anne Woodbury, Scott Leezer

Identify the Right Partners


In an era where thought partnership is the key to influence, learn how to identify and prioritize high-value partners while building authentic relationships that catalyze change. You will learn about the Influencer Index©, CURA’s proprietary model for mapping and prioritizing stakeholders. Visit our Resources page to download the Influencer Index. This lesson includes an interview with government affairs veteran Mike Mawby, former government affairs executive with companies such as Novo Nordisk and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Duration: 1 hour 1 minute

Moderator: Anne Easterbrooks

Speakers: Michael Mawby, Anne Woodbury, Scott Leezer, Anne Easterbrooks