Issue PRioritization Rubric

Address and prioritize your advocacy initiatives

Some policy issues are so critical to your business’s bottom line or your organization’s mission that it is challenging to look objectively at the pros and cons—but objectivity is critical in the planning process. To help address this, we developed a proprietary methodology to quantify this traditionally ad hoc process that’s often left to guesswork. CURA’s Issue Prioritization Rubric™ helps advocates analyze an issue with a 360-degree perspective of impact—assessing the societal, economic and political implications.

This customizable rubric uses a scoring system to:

  • Determine the issue for which to advocate when you have multiple options and your resources are limited
  • Identify potential message points for your advocacy strategy
  • Recognize the issue’s weaknesses to inform a stronger argument
  • Determine where additional research or information gathering is needed
  • Justify the decision to advance (or not advance) a specific policy issue with internal leadership
  • Assess how “winnable” the issue is to help manage resources, expectations for success and anticipated timeline

View and download the Issue Prioritization Rubric (and more)

Get access to a variety of materials to help you better understand, and use, our Issue Prioritization Rubric. Feel free to customize or add to the questions to make sure they work for your specific needs!

  • Rubric — A simple overview of the methodology and scoring system
  • Rubric Worksheet — An interactive version of the scoring worksheet

Looking for more hands-on help? We love strategic planning! We can help you assess the internal and external landscapes, develop a situational analysis and build an integrated strategy and action plan to advance your advocacy priorities.

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