The story behind Advocacy Accelerator

Why did we create Advocacy Accelerator?

The answer is simple: to help advocacy professionals do their job better so we together we can accelerate health care transformation and help more patients live longer and healthier lives. But diving a little deeper…

  1. CURA has a sense of urgency and passion for improving the system—what we refer to as “CURAge.” We know we have some special insights and tools to make that happen and were compelled to share these resources with others to accelerate change. This is why most of the resources are free.
  2. We built the Advocacy Accelerator to fill a gap we experienced as health care advocacy professionals. Traditional public affairs and government relations trade groups don’t offer enough health care focus and depth. So we decided to create our own community.
  3. CURA is a mission-minded consulting firm that leverages strategic communications and government affairs to mobilize the missions of our clients—all of whom seek to transform health care for the better. We hope that the Accelerator helps us find others who share that urgency and want to partner with us.

Who is behind the Advocacy Accelerator?

The Advocacy Accelerator was built and is managed by CURA Strategies, an integrated strategic communications and public affairs consulting firm focused entirely on health care located in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

But the real answer to who is behind the Advocacy Accelerator is the patients who need the U.S. health care to transform and change for the better quickly.

About CURA Strategies

Founded in 2016, CURA Strategies is a bipartisan strategic communications and public affairs agency focused on one thing: transforming health care. Our name, CURA—Latin for care, concern and attention to others, exemplifies our mission to take exceptional care of our clients so they can transform the health care system and improve lives.

Using our client-centric, customized communications and advocacy approach, we have helped more than 80 clients mobilize their missions, guided the launch of 12 national coalitions and received over 20 industry awards in just eight years including Boutique Agency of the Year by PRovoke Media in 2023.

CURA is a women-owned certified small business.

CURA has been a great extension of CareDx in Washington, D.C., helping to elevate the patient voice to a long-standing issue.


About the branding

In 2017, we commissioned artist Susie Morrell to create “CURAgeous,” an original painting that brings our spirit of CURAge to life through art. The painting now hangs as a statement piece in our front office welcoming CURA visitors and introducing them to our brand.

Different vantage points of this art can be seen throughout these resources. We define CURAge as bold leadership to improve society and help others. Whereas courage is self-focused and individual, CURAge is others-focused and team-centered. It’s in this spirit, and the creative approaches and artful nuances necessary to achieve advocacy results, that the Advocacy Accelerator brand was born.