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CURA Advocacy Academy


Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes

Number of Lessons: 9

Price: See pricing

Audience: Volunteers and nonprofessional advocates

Overview: This virtual boot camp is taught by our award-winning government relations and communications team.
We designed it specifically for non-government relations professionals—patients, executives, physicians, providers—who want to raise their voice in Congress about critical health issues.

Topics include:

  1. What is Advocacy?
  2. Telling Your Story
  3. Getting to Know Congress
  4. Roles of Congressional Staff
  5. Congressional Meetings
  6. Federal Appropriations
  7. Social Media Advocacy
  8. Working with the Media
  9. The Importance of Your Voice


Duration: 3 hours 51 minutes

Number of Lessons: 4

Price: FREE

Audience: New or seasoned government affairs professionals, communications professionals, nonprofit leaders, public affairs and grassroots organizers

Overview: The Art of Advocacy course was adapted from a live webinar series CURA developed to share tools and strategies to advance policy issues.

Topics include:

  1. Maximizing Your Impact: Integrating Communications and GR for Effective Advocacy
  2. Choosing Your Battles: Prioritizing Your Advocacy Issues
  3. Thought Partnership: Building Allies
  4. Identifying the Right Partners: The Influencer Index